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The Vein of Lice: Paintings and Works on Paper 1976 — 2016

by Hanlyn Davies

Published: May 1, 2018

Hardcover: 160 pages, 150 color illustrations

Publisher: Silver Street Media, Agawam, MA

What has been profoundly important to me throughout my life seems, inevitably, to come down to location: where I am in a particular place, how I respond while I'm there, and who I am after I have left it. These places might include my natal home and locality in Wales; the workplace environment of various commercial printing shops in America; the living room of my marital home in Massachusetts; or a funky, summer beachfront rental on Cape Cod. Whatever the specific location, or the emotional tone or memories, conscious or otherwise, tied to these and other places, I have used subject matter associated with each to make visible how I was affected by the visceral potency of the place. And one constant thematic connection to that subject matter has to do with 'what has been left behind'- the remainder, the traces of what has gone before. I explore this remainder not for sentiment, but out of curiosity, and for enquiry, reflection, comment, clarification, and meaning.

An artist friend once said, 'in your work you can only do what occurs to you'. I agree with that notion. In my work I find it a useful ambition to try to do only what I consider to be important to me, and much of what I find important is enmeshed in memories.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                — Hanlyn Davies

With Contributors:

Professor M. Wynn Thomas

Trevor Richardson

Professor Tony Curtis

Hugh M. Davies

Anne LaPrade Seuthe

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